Maintaining Trails, Building Trails, and Promoting Nordic Skiing in the southern Mat-Su Valley

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Volunteer Opportunity

Note the date change!

The new date and time:

Sunday May 19th
GPRA ski comp loops
10am - 2pm
Trail work party!

Crust ski at Independence in the morning,
help tune up the trails at GPRA midday.
We will be doing grass seed spreading and trail erosion repair.

Bring gloves and maybe a shovel if you want to help with the trail repair.

Grooming of Nordic ski trails is over for the season.

(Yet, enthusiasts may still find nice crust skiing in the early mornings at Independence Mine.)

The 2018-19 grooming season lasted 197 days. (Compared to 226 days last season)

Our grooming season started on Oct 29th at both Independence Mine and GPRA; and ended on May 14th, back at Independence Mine. We would have continued grooming for another week or two, but the State came up and plowed the snow away.

At Independence Mine we groomed on 11 fall days and 3 spring days; 112 hours of grooming (not including 27 hours of trail prep and equipment shuttling). (Compared to 21 fall and 9 spring grooming events last season)

At Archangel Road we groomed on 50 days, during a 151-day period;  237 hours of grooming. (Compared to 40 grooming events over 183 days last season)

At GPRA and Mountain Streams we groomed on 47 days, during a 138-day period; 380 hours of grooming. (Compared to 58 grooming events over 153 days last season)

At the Matanuska Moose Range we groomed on 40 days, over a 101-day period; 75 hours of grooming.  (Compared to 35 grooming events over 102 days last season)

About 800 Mat-Su Ski Club volunteer hours went into grooming and machine maintenance during the 2018-2019 Nordic ski season. (Compared to about 900 hours last ski season)


All of the ski and singletrack trails at GPRA are now temporarily closed to all users while they dry up.

The Mat-Su Ski Club will host the

Government Peak Race on Saturday, June 1st at GPRA.

The race is part of the Alaska Mountain Runners Grand Prix series.

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Thanks to the Sponsors of our Spring Fundraiser

Thanks to everybody who participated in the

Mat-Su Ski for Women.

You helped raise over $4300 for Alaska Family Services!

Trail Pins Support Grooming

Do you enjoy the ski trails in the Mat-Su Valley?

The Mat-Su Ski Club maintains and grooms Nordic trails at:

Your contributions help make this possible.

Groomers wanted for GPRA and Archangel.

Will train! No pay! Benefits include earplugs and Northern Lights.

Contact us if you think you might like to join the grooming crew.

With a larger corps of groomers we hope to groom on a more frequent and regular schedule next season, with opportunities for individuals to be responsible for only one regularly scheduled, 3 to 4 hour session, per week .

ClubCam at GPRA

Thanks to Our Most Important Sponsors

Mat-Su Ski Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

P.O. Box 364, Palmer, AK 99645

(907) 745-7547