Thursday evening August Trail Work Parties at GPRA!

We will gather on Thursday evenings in August at the ski club shed at GPRA to do trail work, from 6:30 to 8:30. CLICK HERE to sign up. Directions to the work sites will be posted on the shed for late arrivals. Mostly rock tossing, shoveling, raking, brush lopping, tree planting. Bring work gloves, and maybe a shovel or loppers or bow rake.

Fix the PistenBulley Party!

On Saturday and Sunday, August 7th and 8th at Mark Strabel’s house on Waldo Reed off of Edgerton Parks, adjacent to GPRA, from 9AM to 4ish. We would like a team of about 8 people each day – CLICK HERE to sign up to help. We are going to replace six worn-out track belts on our PistenBulley. This entails unbolting a thousand or so little bolts, putting new belts in place, and then replacing those thousand bolts. Only skill needed is the ability to memorize, “righty-tighty, lefty-loosy.” We will be doing this outdoors – the PB garage isn’t big enough to work in. The Club will provide pizza and sodas and tools.

Contact if you have questions.