Volunteers did a fair amount of trail maintenance and improvement at GPRA between ski seasons.  A few days of heavy equipment work accomplished a lot: building a clever new cut-through that includes part of the Matanuska Loop into the homologated race loops, along with widening key spots and improving corners on the Matanuska; a few key drainage issues were addressed; some very large rocks were removed.  Volunteers built a new section of winter-only trail, with one bridge, connecting the Mountain Streams loops to the Flattop Trail.

In the summer the nordic trail system is basically 30 spaghetti acres of lawn, some of it on pretty steep hills. A lot of people helped maintain the trails and repair damage. Lots of small scale dirt work and rock reinforcing and vegetation rehab.  The whole system got mowed the usual five or six times. A significant timbering effort thinned the beetle killed spruce back from the trails.

Thanks to the volunteers who helped maintain GPRA last summer and to the sponsors that supported that work.