Archangel Rd: No grooming April 9th or 10th due to snowmobile races. Hatcher Pass Road closed at Gold Mint lot. Tentative plans to groom Monday April 11th and Friday April 15th.
GRPA:  We will groom on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and on some weekdays, weather allowing. 18 inches of packed snow on the trails.
Independence Mine: No grooming possible. The road is closed. The road may not be opened up till late May or June. 90 inches of snow.
Moose Range: 12-16 inches of packed snow on the trails.  Trails are getting soft or rock hard, depending.  Grooming is becoming difficult.
Be aware – access to Archangel Road requires skiing 1 somewhat steep mile uphill on the un-groomed Hatcher Pass Road or skiing 1/2 mile on a steeper snowmachine trail. Either way it is a 400 vertical foot climb from the parking to the groomed trail. For comparison, the downhill ski area at Skeetawk has a 300 vertical foot lift.