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STAND BY FOR UPCOMING SEASON INFO  about Race to the Out House

Race to the Outhouse 2020/2021 #1

November 14th, 2020

Registration beginning @ 9:30 in the Independence Mine parking lot – Interval Race Starts @ 10:00 – 11:30am

Independence Mine

Race to the Outhouse 2020/2021 #2

April 3, 2021

(Backup date is April 10th)

Registration @ 9:00 – 10:30 onsite

Race @ 11:00



This spring’s Race to the Outhouse is at GPRA and will be an interval start, due to Covid.

The Race to the Outhouse is held twice a year, in November and in April. In the fall it may be the North American opener of the ski race season. In the spring the race closes out the local racing season (but not the skiing season!)  This year’s Spring RTTO #2 will be at GPRA.

Archangel Road at Hatcher Pass is the regular venue. The approximately 7-km Archangel course climbs 1000 feet from the start at 2160′ elevation to the State Parks outhouse before the Fern Mine gate. The first half is gentle, the second half is steep.  Classic and Skate options are available.

Alternate venues include: the nearby trail system at Independence Mine, slightly but quite significantly higher, with the start at 3100′ elevation and a 3.4 km course; and GPRA. Alternate venues may be used if there is insufficient autumn snow cover at Archangel Road or if snow machine traffic continues on the upper half of Archangel Road into the Spring.


REGISTRATION:  9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

You must wear a mask to register.

One person at registration station (truck tailgate) at a time.

Bring your own pencil.

No aid stations.

Minimum of 30 sec start interval.

Move out of finish area as soon as possible.  No help if you collapse at finish, unless it looks like you are dying.

Mask wearing when  in the vicinity of out-of-bubble people, and generally when not exercising.

Paper one-time bibs.

Rest rooms near start area.  Hand sanitizer on logs by restrooms and at registration.

Sign release form – put down your bib #!

Review course map.

Bib on front.

Interval Starts begin at 11:00 AM

Cost is $10 individuals, $20 families