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Ski Lessons are concluded for the season. Thanks to all the students we met this season. Hope to see you on the trails – Spring skiing is the best!

Adult lessons are available only to members of the Mat-Su Ski Club. If you are not already a member, you must purchase a membership before registering for ski lessons. You must be logged into your Mat-Su Ski Club account to be able to register for Adult ski lessons. (Ski101 does not require membership)

If you have questions about adult ski rentals or adult ski lessons, please contact

2024 Adult Cross-Country Ski Lessons



Folks who are new to Nordic skiing will benefit from a Ski101 class before on-snow lessons.

The Mat-Su Ski Club in cooperation with Backcountry Bike and Ski offers a Ski 101 class in November or December of each year.  The class covers equipment and basic skiing techniques in a classroom or virtual setting.  Pending conditions, we also offer an on-snow lesson as part of the class.   These classes are free and we hope to see you there! If you miss this class on November 14th and have questions, feel free to contact us at  We are happy to help in any way we can.

Program Descriptions

Classic Skiing: This refers to a lesson specifically focused on classic cross-country skiing technique. Classic skiing involves a straight-line stride with a forward and backward motion of the skis. Lessons are offered in January and February and each class has a maximum capacity of 5 people.

Skate Skiing: This indicates a lesson that focuses on skate skiing techniques. Skate skiing involves a side-to-side skating motion, similar to ice skating, and is another form of cross-country skiing.  Lessons are offered in January and February and each class has a maximum capacity of 5 people.

Skate Ski Clinic: Improve your skate skiing in our one-day clinic on January 6th, specially designed for intermediate to advanced skiers. In just 90 minutes, our experienced instructor, Mikey Evans, will guide you through specific drills and tips to boost your technique. Whether aiming for smoother glides or better turns, this session is tailored to help you feel more confident and skilled on the snow. Join us for a focused and fun learning experience that will take your skate skiing to the next level!

4-Session Classic Ski Clinic:  Get ready for the Ski for Women event with our classic ski clinic just for beginners! Join us for four sessions where you’ll learn the basics of cross-country skiing, including technique, balance, and build confidence on the GPRA trails. Our friendly instructors will guide you so you’ll feel ready for the big day. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have fun while getting prepared for the Ski for Women event! This clinic will take place in four separate one-hour sessions on January 19th, 26th, February 2nd and 9th.

Private Lessons: Private Nordic ski lessons are available for $50 per 1.5-hour lesson pending instructor availability. One-on-one instruction only (no group or family reservations). Interested parties email for details and scheduling.

Skill Level Descriptions

FIRST-TIME SKIERS: Previous experience on skis is not required for our beginner classes.  However, if you have never been on Nordic skis and want to learn the fundamentals about the equipment and how to stay upright on skis before you shop or start skiing – we suggest you take our Ski101 class before your lesson. Look in the Ski101 tab on this page.

BEGINNER SKIERS: If you’ve tried Nordic skiing but aren’t entirely at ease and would like guidance on balance, gliding and proper technique, our beginner classic lessons are just right for you. You can sign up for a maximum of five classes, and there’s a $15 charge for each class.

SKATE SKIERS: If you’ve tried Nordic skate skiing and still feel uncoordinated, our beginner skate ski lessons will help build your confidence and advance your skills, You can sign up for a maximum of five classes, and there’s a $15 charge for each class.

SKATE SKI CLINIC: New this season we are offering a one- day intermediate/advanced skate ski clinic hosted by ANR coach Mikey Evans at a cost of $50. If you are comfortable on skate skis and want to improve your technique and improve your skills then this intensive clinic is for you.

CLASSIC SKI CLINIC FOR WOMEN: Join us for a series of four one-hour lessons leading up to the Ski for Women . Work on balance, gliding and building confidence all in preparation for the main event. Dates are January 19, Jan 26, Feb 2, and Feb 9th on Friday evenings 6-7pm. These lessons are sold as a set for $50.

PRIVATE LESSONS:  Private one-on-one lessons are available for $50 per 90-minute session. Please email for details and schedule.

You must be a current Family Member or Individual Member of the Mat-Su Ski Club, and be logged-in, before you can purchase ski lessons.

Thanks to the Palmer Community Foundation we have a limited selection of rental skis, boots, and poles available to club members and people taking Adult or SKI101 lessons.