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MSSC Groomers

Reporting: Click here to access the Grooming Reporting form.  Grooming Reporting information is vital and helps us support the grooming grant each year as well as keeping volunteer and equipment hours logged.

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Appreciation: Groomers receive $10 for each grooming round trip when leaving your home. This is calculated through the grooming reporting form above. Paid out twice during the season.  AK State Park and MSB parking passes are distributed each season to groomers that volunteered 8 or more hours in the past season.

Grooming Availability Calendar:  Click here for Calendar access.

Please add your. name, equipment preferred (PB or Tracked ATV) and any time constraints you may have.  Or email with your availability dates to be entered on the calendar. Feel free to delete or add any availablity at any time throughout the season.