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Trails & Grooming News

New Trail Cams are on-line!

You now can look at the Nordic trail surface at Independence, Archangel, and GPRA.

Images are captured hourly. The temperature is also recorded at the bottom of the image.

Click on the Trail Cams! button in the grooming report area to get to the webcams page, or click on “read more” for a link.

Thanks for your Help!

Big thanks to the crew that came out for the October 8th Volunteer Trails Day at Government Peak Recreation Area. A lot of people pitched in to do a lot of fun work. Digging post holes! Every item on the day’s to-do list got checked off. Good job volunteers! Thanks to the Alaska Nordic Racing gang! Trail sides on the Pioneer Loop and Mt Streams Access were brushed. Denali Loop culvert smoothers moved a bunch of dirt in buckets! Rock patrols circled the Pioneer Loop and Terrain Park. Our stadium stuff was carried from one place to a different place! Our stylish cedar portable fencing was repaired. Twenty-two post holes were dug and had posts for permanent fencing installed.

We have some work left before the snow flies and sticks. One project is finishing the lighting redesign. Electricians will trench and install wiring to the relocated light posts in the stadium. After that we will need volunteers to rehab the surface. The other project, still waiting on engineering permits, is the construction of a timing station on top of our new Stadium Seacan. We expect to do this with mostly volunteer help, so stay tuned you volunteer carpenters.

Grooming ends for the season!

The 18th of May was the last day of corduroy for the Mat-Su Ski Club’s grooming season. It stopped freezing at night this week and the snow is too soft to groom at Independence now.

Thanks to all the groomers, trail-rakers, tree-clearers, and others who made the trails so much fun for so many this winter.

Tentative Grooming Plans May 13-17

Independence Mine: Trails will be groomed Friday and Saturday nights and probably again next Tuesday night.
Archangel Rd:  No more grooming, but still skiable.
GPRA: Snow gone! Don’t stomp soggy trails!
Moose Range: Snow gone!

Member Appreciation Day May 15th

Bring your appetite for adventure, hotdogs and information! Join us on May 15th at 1:00 pm at GPRA for a guided hike along the planned Pioneer Loop expansion.  This approximately 5-7K tour will be led by Board members and will depart the parking lot at 1pm.  We will return around 3:00pm and will stop by the stadium area to share the vision for improvement. For the hike, plan on mucky terrain, walking off trail and a friendly neighborhood mosquito or two.  After the hike we hope you will stay for some grilled hotdogs, a cool beverage and tasty treats.   If you are one of our many Donors, please join us for this event! We can’t do it without you! We appreciate you and want to meet you. Please stop by for your donor gifts.

Tentative Grooming Plans May 6-10

Independence Mine:  Mat-Su Ski Club will attempt to groom Friday, May 6th but not optimistic.  Watch for grooming reports.
Archangel Rd:  Mat-Su Ski Club groomed the non-motorized trail this past Tuesday night and plans on grooming again Friday night and possibly Saturday night along with next Tuesday Night.
GPRA: No Grooming.  Done for the season.
Moose Range: No Grooming.  Done for the season.

Tentative Grooming Plans May 1 to 6

Hatcher Pass: road open. Crust skiing is on. Archangel Road: will groom Friday night if possible.  Independence: our PB is down for repairs, we are looking at the possibility of grooming Independence without it. GPRA: grooming over for season, lots of bare spots and water, basically its over. Moose Range: pretty much over.

Tentative Grooming Plans for April 23 to 29

GPRA: Tentative grooming early AM on  Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. If it gets cold enough overnight.

Archangel Rd: No grooming until DOT opens road past Skeetawk. MSSC will groom when the road opens. Snow depth maybe 5 feet.

Independence: will evaluate when road opens.

Moose range: trails still snow covered, grooming is over, overnight freezing diminishing.

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Mat-Su Ski Club Calendar

June 1, 2024
  • Government Peak Climb
    June 1, 2024

    This footrace to the top of Government Peak kicks off the Alaska Mountain Runners competition season. 3800 vertical feet to the top from the start. Held annually on the first Saturday in June. Registration opens April 15th. Click here for more info

June 4, 2024
  • Mat-Su Ski Club Board Meeting
    June 4, 2024

    Open to the public.  Please email for details and time.

July 2, 2024
  • Mat-Su Ski Club Board Meeting
    July 2, 2024

    Open to the public.  Please email for details and time.