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2021 High School Nordic State Championships

The Mat-Su Ski Club (MSSC) is hosting the 2021 High School Nordic Cross Country State Championships in cooperation with the Alaska School Activities Association (ASAA).

Government Peak Recreation Area (GPRA).

Please read and behave according to the Covid mitigation plan. There will be no indoor facilities for teamsCovid Mitigation Link: click here

State Championship Forms: Coaches or team agents must submit forms before February 21, 2pm deadline. Forms here.

Course Maps and Venue Maps: Scroll down to view on this page, or use button to download zip file of maps.

Course Pre View: Official training, Wednesday February 24, 10am-4pm

Schedule of Events:

Wednesday, February 24

10am to 4pm   Official Training on Competition Courses

Thursday, February 25

11:00am  Boys 7.5k Interval Start Classic Technique Race

2:00pm   Girls 5k Interval Start Classic Technique Race

Friday, February 26

11:00am   Girls 7.5k Interval Start Freestyle Technique Race

2:00pm   Boys 10k Interval Start Freestyle Technique Race

Saturday, February 27

11:00am   Boys 4 x 5k Classic Technique Relay

2:00pm   Girls 4 x 3.75k Classic Technique Relay

Coaches Meetings:  All coach’s meetings will be in Zoom. A Zoom link and schedule will be sent to all coaches.

Meeting Tuesday, February 23rd, 6:00pm

Meeting, Thursday, February 25th 6:00pm

Other meetings TBD

Covid mitigation: The full mitigation plan can be seen here. Knowledge of and adherence to the plan is mandatory for all participants. Note: face coverings are required for everyone at all times; coaches, volunteers, race officials, and all athletes not actively racing.

Spectators: Spectators are not permitted. The meet will be live streamed on the Mat-Su Ski Club’s facebook page. Parents and other interested athlete supporters are encouraged to volunteer. Non-volunteer athlete supporters are not allowed in the stadium, waxing areas, or chalet. Non-volunteer athlete supporters are allowed in designated areas only.

Parking: GPRA has limited parking.  We are asking all schools, if possible, to shuttle boy and girl athletes at separate times.  This will decrease the number of athletes at the venue and allow for athletes competing in the 11am race to leave prior to the 2pm race.  If all athletes are brought up to the venue via bus, athletes will need to use the bus as their warming area.

Waxing Facility:  Scroll down to see waxing and testing maps.

  • The team staging areas will be outside only.
  • Each team will have designated waxing space.
  • Tents will have no walls.


Registration, substitution and seeding skiers:  All athletes must be registered per ASAA forms and ASSA guidelines listed on the forms on the web.

After the first coaches meeting on Tuesday, February 23rd night, 6:00pm,  NO substitutes/alternates will be added.  Your 12 submitted skiers at that time will be the final roster.

Relay substitution: can be done the morning of the relay one hour before the start of the relay.  Only the 6 officials members may participate on the relay.

Seeding:  Coaches will place their skiers in the seed of their choice one through six for the interval start race.  Due to the pandemic we are having the Fastest out First seeding.  Skier one will go out first, seed two will go out second, etc.  Coaches are responsible to seed their skiers. Coaches have the option to change their seeds at the Tuesday coaches meeting.  Day 2 will be seeded based on results from the classic race.  If in the case a skier does not finish due to force majeure, the Jury will seed the skier in the safest spot.  Relay Start Times will be based on the 2019 XC State Relay results.

Coach Bibs: Coaches will be given a green bib.  Access to the course will be unlimited for coaches as long as they ski in the same direction of the course.  Wearing your bib will make it easier for the course marshals to identify you. 

Athlete Bibs: Bibs will be self served.  Athletes will place their own bibs into the bins.

Warm Up and Course Closure: There will be a designated time for warm up for each race before the start of the race.  11am athletes will warm up prior to the first race. 2pm athletes will be allowed on the course after the completion of the 11am race to warm up.  The course will close to skiers 10 minutes before the start of the race.

Timing and Results:   

Concessions: There will be no concessions.

Awards: There will be no normal awards ceremony. Awards will be announced over the PA.  Coaches will pick up awards from the ASAA representative in the Chalet.

Formal awards will be given for the top 10 athletes and the ski-meister after Day 2 of the competition.  The overall team champion for 1st and 2nd place (men and women) and relay awards will be given Day 3 after the relay.

Hospitality for Volunteers:  Volunteers will have access to the bathrooms inside the chalet.  Volunteers can access single use water and snacks on the table in the chalet entry.  We ask all volunteers to limit their time in this area to using the restroom facilities and grabbing a snack/water that can be eaten outside.

Medical:  MSSC will have medical available.  We will have formal medical areas in the chalet and the timing building.  Snowmobile with rescue sled will be available for transport.  Ambulances in the Mat-Su area are on call only. Response time fits with FIS criteria.

Competition Committee:

Chief of Competition: Ida Martin

Chief of Stadium: Colin Fay

Chief of Officials: Joey Caterinichio

Chief of Course: Ed Strabel

Chief of Start: Colin Fay

Chief of Timing: Zone 4 and Lori Berrigan

Race Secretary: TBD

Technical Delegate: Joey Caterinichio

ASAA: Russ Schrekengost

Mat-Su Borough School District (MSBSD): Edward Ewart


Joey Caterinichio- TD

Colin Fay- TDA

Ida Martin- COC

ASAA rep – TBD


There will be further details at the coach’s meetings.

Volunteers are needed. Any parents wanting to help, we have spots for them.  Sign up at this link

ASAA website link:

Please continue to check the updates on this website.  Looking forward to a great meet.  If you have any questions you may e-mail Lori Berrigan at or call/text at 907 315 4030.