The first part of the new GPRA storage/timing stadium hut is in place. You can see it on the GPRA Stadium Cam.

A small band of dedicated volunteers laid a gravel and timber foundation. A 20-foot long, doors-on-both-ends seacan is now placed there, waiting for the construction of a timing station on top of it. The lower level will be drive-thru parking for the rescue snowmobile and sled, and will provide some storage for trail stuff. We hope to get the final engineering sign off of the timing facility, and then build it, pretty darn soon. A few essential tasks remain to prepare the stadium for winter. Foremost among them is running electricity to the newly-relocated light poles, which will be done by professional electricians, and repairing the trenches they leave, which will be done by volunteers. The stadium project is a small part of the completed Mat-Su Borough construction of a second parking lot at GPRA this summer.