Independence Mine and Archangel Road Trail Map

The Mat-Su Ski Club grooms ski trails at Independence Mine at Hatcher Pass. The trail climbs from the parking lot at the A-frames to the historical buildings, and then winds through and around them.  More trails are groomed on the east side of the creek, winding up and about the valley, when conditions allow.

In mid-winter, a State-of-Alaska funded commercial groomer used to groom ski trails, once a week on Fridays, at Independence Mine. The State is not funding grooming at all at Independence this winter, so the Mat-Su Ski Club is picking up the slack, and will groom all winter long at Independence.

Archangel Road is an old mining road near Hatcher Pass that is about 1000' lower in elevation than the Independence Valley. It reaches about 8 km back into the Archangel Valley. The Mat-Su Ski Club grooms at least the first 4 km, and sometimes the entire 8 km, depending on snow conditions and snowmobile openings (the farthest 4 km are open to snowmobiles in mid-winter).

Independence Valley at Hatcher Pass

Archangel Road

Alaska State Parks map

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