Off they go! Junior Nordics skiers hit the trails.

Mark your Calendar!

Adult Ski Lessons
Adult cross-country ski lessons continue through the end of February. We offer beginner classic and skate lessons for adults 18 and over. These lessons cap out at 5 participants per session and are only $15 for members. Grab a friend and enroll today!
Mat-Su Ski for Women
February 11th at GPRA at 1:00 pm. Join us at GPRA for the Mat-Su Ski Club's annual event, featuring Nordic skiing, costumes, and a potluck, fostering community bonds while supporting a local charity.
Junior Nordics Finisher Series Race #2
February 18th 1 - 2 pm at GPRA. The second in a three-part race series for Junior Nordics participants. Come on out and cheer on these kids! Click here for more details.
Winter Discovery Day
Saturday, February 24th
Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation Winter Discovery Day. An event designed to connect locals to winter recreation opportunities and resources in the valley. Visit trailheads in Hatcher Pass and GPRA for a day of demos, discussions, and refreshments. A free event for all! Click here to learn more.

Moonlight Ski Tour
Saturday, February 24th on Archangel Road at Hatcher Pass. Join us for a ski tour under the full moon. Meet at the trailhead at 7:00 pm and expect to leisurely ski for approximately 90 minutes. This is a free event for all levels of skiers, and all are welcome!

Mat-Su Ski for Women

Experience the Mat-Su Ski Club's lively "Ski for Women" event at GPRA—an inclusive gathering of Nordic skiing and costume fun since 2014, fostering community spirit and the perfect way to start Superbowl Sunday with some outdoor fun before kickoff. Click here for more details. All are welcome!

Besh Cup 5 & 6 moved to GPRA

Due to the extreme cold weather, the February 3rd and 4th Besh Cup #5 & #6 races were relocated to GPRA, with only five days to prepare. In Fairbanks, temperatures were predicted to be so cold that races would have been canceled if another venue hadn't been available. Despite the abrupt venue change, nearly 150 athletes of various ages, including children under 8, participated in a thrilling two-day event, drawing enthusiastic supporters. The last-minute travel adjustments for many out-of-town competitors posed a challenge, but the local community, including residents and lodging providers, stepped up to offer assistance.
The dedicated volunteers who made these ski races possible worked tirelessly to ensure the weekend ran smoothly. Even in subzero temperatures, a handful of hearty helpers put the finishing touches on the new timing shed just in time. This experience showcased the strength and unity of our skiing community.—it takes a village, and we are fortunate to have such an incredible one!
The cutest competitors, U8
Mass start fun!

Arctic Winter Games

Are you still interested in supporting AWG as a volunteer? You can still join in! Just click on the link provided to get involved or visit their Palmer headquarters, which is just across from Global Credit Union. GPRA will host Nordic ski events during the week-long excitement from March 10th through 16th. If you want to volunteer for Nordic events, you only need to complete the AWG volunteer process and then email our Mat-Su Ski Club Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie LaRousse, at
Arctic Winter Games event schedules are now available on their website.

Trail Discovery Day

Save the date: February 24th marks the inaugural Discovery Trails Day, presented by the Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation and promoted by Revel Treks and Tours. Explore various valley trailheads and learn about our trail network's wonders.
Drop by the Mat-Su Ski Club tent at GPRA from 10am to 2pm for gear loans and Nordic skiing insights and info. Plus, Backcountry Bike and Ski will be there with fatbike demos and HOK ski demos. Valley Mountain Bikers and Hikers will provide hot chocolate. Don't miss out on this exciting day!

February Contest! How well do you know GPRA?

Win a $25 Backcountry Bike & Ski gift card and a highly coveted seat on the Mat-Su Ski Club Historical Society and Mensuration Committee!

Just be the first to correctly answer all of the questions:
  • Where was (is?) Mr. Toads Wild Ride?
  • What is the total length of all Nordic groomed trails at GPRA? Include all the groomed shortcuts and the Mt. Streams trails.
  • What is the length of the Outer Limits at GPRA and Mt Streams? Start anywhere on the very outer edge of the Nordic trails, ski always in the indicated direction, turn right at every Nordic trail junction, continue until you are back where you started - that's the Outer Limits.
  • Is there more vertical relief on the ski trails at GPRA or more at Skeetawk?
Send your replies to Contest ends March 1, 2024.

New Moose Range grooming Snogo

For many winters the Club had enjoyed the loan of a Skandik snogo from Palmer High School. We used it at GPRA for a rescue sled and some utility duties. This winter the crew at Palmer High School took it back - which is great, because they are grooming at Palmer High with it. But this left us without a sled at GPRA. So last month, in partnership with Valley Mountain Bikers and Hikers, we bought a new Skandic Widetrack, which will replace one of the two aging Mat-Su Ski Club snowmachines that are permanently staged for grooming at the Moose Range, one on the east side and one on the west side. The replaced Moose Range machine will become the GPRA rescue sled, where it should last for a good while, not having to slow-tow a heavy load all the time.

Click here for a Moose Range trail map.


The Mat-Su Ski Club has several loaner Chariots for hauling the little ones behind you while you ski. No charge, first come, first served. Call (no text!) Ed Strabel at 907-354-7524 to check availability and arrange the loan of a Chariot.

Grooming Reports

Discover Nordic Pulse, your ultimate companion for Nordic ski trail adventures! With intuitive color coding and detailed information, planning your next outing is a breeze. Zoom in on the maps from our website to see grooming times and trail names, or download the Nordic Pulse Skier app for on-the-go access to your favorite destinations. Further exploration within the app will provide insider details like temperature, trail distance, and your exact location. Don't miss out on this essential tool for winter trail fun! Sponsored generously by our friend Erik Christensen at State Farm, Nordic Pulse is your go-to for unforgettable outings. Click here to download the skier app for Apple and Android.
Grooming perfection at Independence Mine.
A sample view of NP taken from the Mat-Su Ski Club grooming page.

Trail Etiquette

Maintaining and grooming trails is crucial for various activities, and trail etiquette is essential. However, ensuring that all users respect the trails and each other can be challenging. Therefore, we request all users to practice kindness and be mindful of others when using the trails. It takes a lot of time, effort, and maintenance to groom trails, and we all need to do our part in preserving their condition.

Most of the trails in and around the Mat-Su Valley are multi-use, except for GPRA, where we ask all users to respect this and the designated areas for skiing only.

When you come across classic tracks (diagonal stride) along a multi-use trail, please preserve them by stepping around them. Doing so helps keep the tracks in good condition for the skiers coming behind you. Also, keep an eye on your furry friend's paws to avoid destroying the classic tracks with dog prints.

Classic skis work efficiently on groomed tracks when the kick zone sticks to the snow to push off and propel the skier. However, the kick zone doesn't stick when divots are present and the ski slips. We kindly ask all users to stay in your lane on the trails to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Trailside Webcams are online

A visual of current trail conditions at Independence, Archangel, and GPRA can be seen AT THIS LINK. In addition to the long-established eastside Stadium-Cam at GPRA, we now have five more webcams on the Nordic trails at GPRA, and one webcam each at Independence and Archangel. The cameras look at the trail surface and are set to take photos hourly. Temperatures are also displayed on the image, but they are often solar-affected. Clicking on a webcam image will bring up a new page with the last 24 hours of images.

New Timing Shed in the Sky

The new GPRA timing station is in business! Not quite completed, but close, and fully functional. Exterior finishes will be applied next summer. Windows and doors, stairs and electric power, insulation and paneling, all were installed in the days just before the Besh Cup races. Work on the new (loud) PA system was finished early the morning of the race. The lower level provides storage for race equipment and our rescue/utility sled. This is a big step forward for GPRA; a proper professional (heated!) timing facility, and no more wind-torn storage tent. And now the old all purpose and timing shed is not stuffed to the gills with sundry race stuff and is much easier to properly use as the Junior Nordics ShedQuarters for our growing Junior Nordics program.

The storage and timing facility project is made possible by grants from the Mat-Su Borough and the Rasmusson Foundation. Many thanks to the volunteers who ignored the cold snap and worked to make the facility ready in a timely manner.
Thank you for supporting us with your Membership this year and every year! Membership with the Mat-Su Ski Club supports our grooming, programs, and operations and unlocks member-only program and event access.
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